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Season 2023 is over.
Thank you for an eventful summer!
See you again in summer 2024 :-)


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Boat-rental since 2019

We - Natan and Alessandro - are Löö Böötli! Your sustainable rental company for inflatable boats and rings in Zurich.

Are you planning a group event with friends/family or a company event? Then you are at right place! We guarantee that "böötle" is great fun for young and old and the best to do on hot summer days! We will be happy to make you an offer. Get in touch with us directly.

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With our wide range of rental materials, there's sure to be a suitable offer for everyone.

Check our offers below.

The different packages can be rented for events, single days or for the whole weekend.

Contact us to check availability.  

Important: the boats and rings cannot be obtained directly on site - reservations must be made in advance.


The rental object of your choice including equipment will be handed out in Schlieren. 

Payment is made in advance via TWINT or credit card - for events we also offer invoices.

In any case, a deposit of CHF 100.- per package will be paid when you pick up the rental equipment. The deposit will be returned to you immediately upon complete return and inspection of the goods.

Persons under 18 years of age require the written consent of their parents, legal guardians or other representatives.


The 2024 boating season starts in middle of may and will last until mid-September 2024 - at Mother Nature's whim.


This package is guaranteed to provide fun and enjoyment for all companies and groups - a real customer favourite!

Each Böötli can accommodate 3-4 people. The package includes a life jacket for all passengers, a dry bag (20 litres) per Böötli to carry valuables dry, as well as an air pump and paddles.

We recommend to check availability for the event as early as possible, as this package is very popular. So that you can transport the Böötli easily and everywhere, you will also receive a comfortable and practical carrying bag.


Bookable from 9 persons


Option Gold:

Bring and pickup service incl.

(from Höngger Wehr and to Glanzenberg)

CHF 80.-/person


Option Bronze:

Pick-up and return in our studio

in Schlieren (Feldstrasse 15)

CHF 50.-/person

We also offer packages with an aperitif afterwards.

Quotation available on request.


Maximum water fun guaranteed - ideal for all water rats. This package includes a drybag (5 litres) to keep valuables dry during transport. A comfortable carrying bag is also included for transport.


Pickup on Friday evening or Saturday morning, will be communicated at the time of enquiry.

Flexible return possible until Sunday evening.

Weekend package: CHF 25.-



For all those who are already equipped - or just almost! Have you thought about your safety? Safety remains the top priority - no savings should be made here. We rent life jackets with collars (buoyancy 100N according to EN ISO 12402).

We offer these 3 sizes:

  • Children 20-30kg

  • Adults 50-70kg

  • Adult 70-90kg

Daily rent: CHF 15.-

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Danke für's Absenden!

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mercato. vado e torno

For a cosy after-boötle aperitif including delicious drinks!



Agency Manager Alfonso De Francesco



Taxes, accounting and advice by O.D'Autilia

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The 6 river rules



Here you go directly to the guide



with Löö Böötli on the way on the Limmat

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1. Reservations

Reservations at Löö Böötli can be made via Instagram or the contact form on the website lööböö The rights and obligations of a contract apply to both parties.

2. Subject matter of the contract

Löö Böötli undertakes to provide the services booked by you within the framework of the invitation to tender and the order confirmation.

3. Requirements

The group leader must be of legal age and provide all necessary contact details. We assume that all participants are in good health, which the group leader confirms for the entire group by signing the general terms and conditions.

Participants have good swimming skills and agree to wear the life jackets provided by us at all times. Löö Böötli declines any liability in case of incidents. Alcohol, drugs and sensory-impaired substances and medication are not permitted before and during the booked offer.  The instructions and directions of the organiser must be strictly followed.

We assume that you will not cause any damage to the material or nature and that you will dispose of your waste correctly. Löö Böötli reserves the right to cancel the offer if the conditions listed above are not met or if there are doubts. If conditions are willfully not met, there is no right to a refund of the contract sum.

4. Prices and Terms of payment

The prices on our price list apply. You accept these with your signature on the general terms and conditions. The amount must be paid in cash or TWINT - for events we also offer invoices (payable within 5 days).

A deposit of CHF 100.- must be paid each time a contract is concluded. This deposit will be returned to the customer immediately (cash or TWINT) after complete and punctual return of the goods (goods in perfect condition). Löö Böötli expressly reserves the right to change prices.

5. Cancellation/Postponement/Cancellation Customers/Cancellation Löö Böötli

Löö Böötli/customers can cancel free of charge at short notice if the general conditions are not given. This is the case in the event of force majeure (severe thunderstorms, floods or storms).

Otherwise the following conditions apply.

Up to 3 days before the day of the event at 16:00: free cancellation or postponement (subject to availability!).
Up to 4:00 p.m. on the day before the event: 50% of the total amount will be charged (without deposit) 
on the day of the event: 100% of the total amount will be charged (without deposit) 
Contact us in good time if you see that you will not be able to collect the rental equipment on time, we can almost always find a solution.

Cancellation must be communicated via e-mail ( or the contact form on the website.

6. Liability/insurance

Safety is our highest priority, because any movement on the water involves a certain risk.

risk. If Löö Böötli considers the situation to be too dangerous during a personal meeting, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation on site. You as the client/group are responsible for your own insurance cover in the event of illness, accident incl. rescue costs and transport costs, theft, etc.

Theft, death and negligent damage to the rental equipment for the duration of the rental contract. Negligent damage to the rental equipment shall be borne by the hirer. Damaged and incomplete rental equipment will be charged to the hirer and deducted from the rental deposit. The amount is proportionate to the product price and is determined by Löö Böötli. We assume no liability for personal items that are damaged, stolen or lost during the contract period.

Löö Böötli is obliged to check the material after each return and to ensure that everything is in perfect condition. We expressly exclude liability for conditions that are beyond our control. In this case, Swiss law and jurisdiction shall apply.

7. Applicable Law, Place of Jurisdiction

Swiss law is exclusively applicable to the customer/organiser relationship between you and Löö Böötli. The place of jurisdiction is the District Court of Dietikon ZH.

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Löö Böötli

Feldstrasse 15

8952 Schlieren


Website: www.lööböö

Owners: Natan Giannotta & Alessandro Felicetti

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